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Heidi Muller

Copywriting + Strategy

There’s almost nothing I love more than hanging with friends - old or new - and getting to know them just a little bit more. I find humans absolutely fascinating and generally wonderful.

And honestly, that's why it's my jam to do people-person, brand voice copywriting!

Whether we’re walking with coffees and talking about Jesus, or chatting in between sets of a band we’ve just discovered…

Questions? – I’ve got ‘em.

Musings? – Let’s muse ’em.

Connections? – We’ll make ‘em.

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"I was thrilled to see your emails. I excitedly read the copy and it was like taking a breath of fresh air. Thank you for capturing the voice so quickly! I shared them with Mike. I thought you might like to hear his response…. “So good. Inviting, kind, inspiring."
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Christy Graham,
Enterprise Sales and Partnerships
Compete to Create / Finding Mastery
"With Heidi, I felt like we hired an entire staff of content creators, designers, strategists, and project managers. Throughout projects spanning 2 years, Heidi has helped our organization publish a book, written many blog posts and email blasts, created inbound marketing resources, and provided branding consultation. Heidi has an uncanny ability to bring out the absolute best in people and in collaborative pieces spanning weeks and months.."
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Mallory Muetzel
marketing project manager
india gospel league
Heidi did an exceptional job helping us organize and communicate our brand and vision. We were originally looking for a freelancer to create IG templates, but after witnessing her professionalism and reading her content analysis of our page, it was clear we needed a more organized approach. Through a number of exercises, Heidi was able to capture what made us "unique" and helped formulate a plan to effectively communicate our brand. Heidi went above and beyond and we will certainly be hiring her again for future services.
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dena gadaleta
marketing communications director
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"As a pastor, I communicate ideas to people all the time, and thought it would be easy to switch from speaking to writing. I had a concept burning in my heart for nearly a decade, but felt “stuck.” That changed when I worked with Heidi. She is an encourager, a writing coach, and most significantly, one who made my vision and ideas come alive on paper. Heidi is fun and relatable. She has a teacher’s heart, a love for God and a kind presence. The process was enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding. Heidi will help you overcome that “stuck” feeling and will help to get your book out of your heart and into peoples' hands!!"
david newman
lead pastor
church in the countryside, ymca


I really like people.

And here’s the thing–you’re a person. 

Your audience, customers, cohort–they’re all people, too. (I mean, I know you know this.) 


…we can end up approaching life like some parts are about wonderful, unique, precious people–and other parts are about the grind.

No one wants to feel like they’re just part of the grind.

I don’t. You don’t. And neither does your audience.

When I work with you on brand voice strategy, or custom web content, or any content marketing, I will treat you like a person with value; a person who has something good to offer.  

Here’s where all that question asking and musing and connecting comes in.

Your passion, your “why,” your vision, your stories… All of that good stuff is inside of you.

You already know it

Pulling it out and putting it into words is another thing–and that’s why I’m here. 

Let’s set up a discovery call and see if we’re a good match.

I’d love to help you say what you want to say, while you keep doing what you do best.